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Your Guide to Self-Isolation in Private Rented Accommodation



You’re almost with us and we have been working hard in the background to ensure your transition into our accommodation is a safe, pleasant and seamless experience given the unprecedented pandemic period we are in. The information below should act as a guide for self isolating in private rented accommodation and we look forward to welcoming you to Coventry University in the near future.


Your Arrival

You need to inform us by emailing  5 days in advance of when you will come and collect your keys. Key collection is between 9am – 12pm Monday to Friday.

  • You will be asked to wear a face covering when you enter the FutureLets office – please bring your own
  • We will have various measures in place in our office to make it COVID-safe, e.g. one-way systems, social distancing measures and hand sanitizing gel – please abide by these as they are there for everyone’s safety


What to Expect

You will be asked to complete a COVID Disclaimer form when you arrive on-site – this is to confirm that you do not have any COVID symptoms.


After Move-In

We are preparing for the government guidance in relation to COVID to be in place for several months, and

We hope you understand that this is in the interests of keeping you and your housemates and staff safe, and we thank you for your support and cooperation.


Self Isolation

The self-isolation arrangements will vary for students, depending on where they have come from and the government rules in place at the time of arrival.

There may be a mix of tenants within your flat who have come from bridge and non-bridge countries it will be your responsibility to ensure social distancing is practiced and the communal facilities are sanitized and kept clean.

Bridge countries – these are countries which the UK Government do NOT require a standard 14 days self-isolation when you travel from them.

Non-Bridge countries – these are countries which the UK Government DO require a standard 14 days self-isolation when you travel from them.

The term ‘bridge’ refers to the Government term of ‘air bridges’. Please check the UK Government website for the latest list of bridge and non-bridge countries, and whether you will have to self-isolate or not when you arrive.

Students arriving from bridge countries

You don’t need to do anything else.


Students arriving from NON-bridge countries

Once you have moved into your accommodation, you will then need to self-isolate for 14 days in your room. You can use the communal areas (e.g. shared kitchens) whilst practicing social distancing, hand and surface sanitizing, but you cannot leave your accommodation during this 14-day period.


You can find a list of the bridge countries on the UK Government website.



Showing Symptoms?

If you start to show symptoms after you arrive, regardless of where you have come from, you will need to self-isolate in your room for 10 days from the date you first develop symptoms. This means non-bridge students may have to self-isolate for longer than 14 days in total depending on when their arrival self-isolation began and they first developed symptoms.

If you have symptoms on arrival, you will be moved into a temporary room to complete a 14-day self-isolation. Once this period of self-isolation has elapsed, you will then be able to move into your permanent accommodation.

You should also report your symptoms to the University, so they can arrange the necessary support for you while you self-isolate.


Where do I  stay if I need to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving in the UK?

– If you are showing  no  symptoms  on  arrival, you can  self-isolate in your allocated room. If you are showing symptoms on arrival then you will be  required to self-isolate in a temporary room  until the 14 days has elapsed.

How can  I access support during self-isolation?

– Please find  below a list of various services which may be helpful to you during self-isolation


Food  Delivery:

Just Eat –

Deliveroo –

Uber Eats –



Sainsburys –

Asda –

Tesco –



Lloyds Pharmacy –

Boots –

Home Health UK –

Brit Superstore –


Translation Services:

Coventry University International Office –



The FutureLets Team:         024 76 158 158

Student Engagement Centre:      024 77 656 565

Health & Wellbeing Team:         024 77 658 029

Health & Safety Team:     024 77 657 341

NHS:    111 (urgent cases only)

University Medical Centre:    024 76 592 012


How can I join in with social activities?

Our ResLife team will be hosting lots of virtual activities and you can sign up to as many as you like – examples include virtual quizzes, virtual day trips, virtual cooking sessions and more.

To find out more and keep up to date with the events happening each month, you can follow ResLife on social media:

IG: @reslife_covuni

Twitter: @covuniaccomm

Facebook: @reslifecovuni 

TikTok: @reslifecovuni



Can I self-isolate, if necessary, in University accommodation and then move into my private accommodation?

Yes – if you arrive and have symptoms, you will be placed in a self-isolation in university halls until your 14-day self-isolation period has passed.


How will I get from the airport to the University?

Coventry University is providing an airport transfer service, from Birmingham International and Heathrow Airports. This service consists of a free journey on a National Express coach (must be booked in advance) More details are available on our dedicated webpage. If you are scheduled to arrive after 5pm Monday – Friday we recommend you book overnight accommodation to enable you to collect your keys during office hours.


What if I develop symptoms after I have arrived? Or if I am contacted by the government Track & Trace team?

You will need to self-isolate for 10 days (if you develop symptoms) or 14 days (if you are contacted by the NHS Test & Trace service), as per the UK Government guidance. You should also report the case on the Covid-19 reporting site, and the University will be able to arrange various types of support for you in relation to your course and well-being.


More Information

You can find the latest UK government guidance here at

You can find more FAQs and our guide to a COVID-Safe Campus at



Stay Safe             Stay Alert

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