Airport Transfers

Free Airport Transfer Shuttle

To help make your journey to the UK as easy as possible, FutureLets at Coventry University has arranged transport from the airport to your Campus.

The service will operate from both Birmingham International Airport and London Heathrow Airport only.

Are you eligible?

To qualify for this service, you must be a student at Coventry University, travelling to one of the following campuses:

  • Coventry University, Coventry (from Heathrow and Birmingham Airport)
  • Coventry University London, Liverpool Street (from Heathrow Airport only)

Heading to the Coventry Campus?

Coventry University has collaborated with National Express to provide a free airport transfer shuttle service. Please follow the below instructions to claim your free transfer:

  1. Click on the following link to book your coach to the Coventry Campus : Free Airport Transfer service booking link
  2. Once you have selected your time it may appear that you need to pay. You will be required to click ‘Pay by Card’ for the discount to apply.
  3. If you are bringing a guest, please ask them to log into the national express website separately and book a ticket as they will be required to pay.

On your arrival at Coventry

When you arrive at the airport, go to the National Express coach stand. Once you locate the bus you are booked onto, you can board and the bus will then take you straight to Pool Meadow bus station in Coventry.

When you arrive at Pool Meadow you will need to find your own way to your accommodation. You can find a guide to your halls by following this link to a map  Way Finder Link

Alternatively you can use Google maps, inputting the address details on the offer letter you received.

If you have a number of bags/Luggage there is always a number of Taxi’s located just outside Pool meadow bus station. Alternatively you could call a Taxi using the Uber App or using a local Tax service (Details below)

Central Taxi             0247633 3333

Alans Taxi                0247655 5555

Heading to the London Campus?

  1. To book your free transfer, please complete the online booking form below. This form is only for Heathrow to London Campus transports.
  2. You will receive an email once you have successfully booked onto the Meet and Greet service.
  3. Any requests submitted must be completed no later than 3 days in advance of your arrival. Any applications submitted outside of the allotted time will NOT be considered.

Please email if you have any further queries.

Premium Meet and Greet

There is a premium meet and greet service which you can book onto here. This service provides a private chauffeur who will meet you as you come through arrivals and a car will be waiting to take you directly to your accommodation in Coventry.

However this service is not free and the costs are as follows (subject to change):

£75 from Birmingham Airport to Coventry

£220 from London Heathrow to Coventry

You are required to book 3 working days prior to your flight arriving to ensure that we have instructed the driver to collect you from the airport. You can book here. If you have any more questions regarding this service please contact:

    Student Details

    Flight Details

    As part of our service, we may be sending you information relating to your property search. For further information on how FutureLets uses your personal information please view our Privacy Notice.