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Shared Student Houses for Coventry University Students

If you’re looking for a student house-share in Coventry and would like to rent a room or an ensuite, take a look at our range of brand new student property in the centre of Coventry, with properties ranging from three bedroom houses to twenty-six bedroom properties.

Our student houses are located within a minutes walk from Coventry city centre, train station and the University campus – often only a few minutes walk – which provides you with easy access and convenience.

For students that are looking to live on their own in a more cost-effective student accommodation in Coventry or those who are looking for a new group of friends to live with, a house share might be ideal. Student shared houses are a great option as they can accommodate everyone’s needs: from single rooms and large doubles with shared kitchen, rear garden and bathroom to double en suite rooms and including bills.

Living in a house-share is a great way to expand your social horizons and create lasting connections. You can agree to split responsibilities and household chores as a group to take the pressure off trying to balance studying and living. You may even wish to agree to split the costs of groceries between your roommates. But that is up to you: you can choose whether you’d like to cohabit the space or keep to yourself for a great academic year.

Living and studying in Coventry

Coventry has always been a recognisable place across the country. Around the 13th century, the city was known for the legendary Lady Godiva who rode her horse through the town naked, in order to oppose the oppressive taxation that her husband, Leofric, imposed on the city folk.

Later on, the city was known for the role it played in the founding of the British car industry, and its upkeep. In more recent years, it was home to a number of notable artists and music movements such as the ska music genre 2-tone, famously founded by Coventry resident Jerry Dammers.

Today, the city bears the proud title of City of Culture 2021 with a number of events taking place throughout the year and a number of developments and establishments being built to attract more visitors for years to come.

It is also well placed at the heart of the country with an easy commute to London, Birmingham and Manchester, making it an ideal spot for students who would like to explore the rest of the country. As such, the city is a great location for those looking to study in an affordable city close to amenities as well as opportunities to venture further afield.