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House share rooms and ensuites for Coventry students

If you’re looking for a student house-share in Coventry and would like to rent a room, then please take a look at our range of student houses for rent. Our student houses are located within walking distance to the University campus – often only a few minutes walk – which provides you with more convenience and accessibility.

For students that are looking to live on their own in a more cost-effective manner or those who are looking for a new group of friends to live with, a house share might be ideal. Student house-shares are a great option as they can accommodate everyone’s needs: from double beds and single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom to ensuite room options.

Living with friends or like-minded people is a great way to expand your social horizons and create lasting connections. You can agree to split responsibilities and household chores as a group to take the pressure off trying to balance studying and living. You may even wish to agree to split the costs of groceries between your roommates. But that is up to you: you can choose whether you’d like to cohabit the space or keep to yourself.