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5 things to do at Coventry University – Future Lets Blog

At Coventry University, many establishments have built “awesome” places for students to relieve stress and have fun whilst at Coventry University. A cascade of wonderful attractions surrounds the area with blissful excitement and mouth-watering restaurants supplying the best food along with entertainment for University students.


Coventry city is full of exciting places to explore, amazing sites to visit but most of all, clubbing. Clubbing is a good way to relieve stress and build your social life, meeting new friends and having a good time; experiencing new things while being able to live freely partying all night like you don’t have a care in the world, even though you may have exams in the morning. 

Clubbing has various benefits to your University life as this can increase confidence and allow you to socialise with friends. Clubs such as Kasbah night club and Catch 22 night club is your perfect destination to start your clubbing and social life. 


Cooking is a very essential part of your Coventry University life, whether your living in halls, private accommodation or staying home. A balanced diet will keep your body and mind focused; in the best condition to study and finish exams to the highest standard. Ultimately, fast food isn’t very healthy because this will slowly deteriorate your health over time, slowing you down and not allowing you to complete tasks to your fullest potential. You could even have cooking lessons to expand your cooking knowledge even further, making you more independent. 

Cooking is an important skill that is needed in your everyday life but also in University, as you may save more money cooking in your dorm than going out every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


A music festival is one of the most exciting places to go to as there are many venues such as Reading, Birmingham, Leeds and V festival. Attending these events can relieve any deadline stress and you will see various awesome bands and meeting new people through your time at the festival. Camping with your friends is also another life experience that we should all have completed.


Finding a fun hobby at University helps you to relax during studies or exam season, choosing a hobby involving sports or being active will increase your focus and concentration, allowing you to do better in exams and study better.

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