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Tips for leaving your student house over Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and it’s time to start thinking about wrapping up uni for the holidays but it’s also time to think about leaving your house in a good state for when you come back after the holidays. 

The last thing you want is to come back in January to bin juice and stale food in the fridge. To save yourself from any backdraft of vile smells when you enter your house again after Christmas, check out the below to make sure you have each area covered. 

1. Take food out the fridge

Let’s face it when it gets nearer to Christmas you’ll want to spend money on presents and enjoying yourself when you get home. So why not whip up some meals you have from items you already have rather than doing a fresh food shop. Give your fridge a good clean and you know you can come back in January to a fresh start. 

2. Empty the bins

Give your bins a good clear out. Empty all the rubbish in the bins and pop them in the wheelie bin. The last thing you want is to have bin juice running all over the kitchen.  

3. Clean your room

It may seem like a chore but you’ll thank yourself when you come back to a clean and tidy room after the Christmas break and this will help you feel relaxed when you get back and ready to start the new year. If you need some cleaning tips or hacks, follow ‘Mrs Hinch’ on Instagram

5. Tidy communal areas

Ask all of your flatmates to come together to do a big clean of the kitchen and bathroom (if you have a communal one). To keep on top of it throughout the year, it may be worth having a rota so you know each communal area will be cleaned on a weekly basis.

6.Turn off lights/electricals

The last thing you want is a major bill when you come back from the holidays. Make sure all lights and heating is switched off and any electrical items are unplugged from the sockets. Fires can happen even when items aren’t switched on so it’s best to be safe and keep them unplugged. Particularly if you’ve got Christmas decorations up, unplug lights and switch off everything as fairy lights can easily become a fire hazard. 

7. Lock windows and doors

Double-check everything is locked and all windows are shut when you are leaving. Keep everything locked up and safe over the holidays and have a nice cosy house to come back to with everything in tact.

Above all have an amazing holiday relaxing and making memories and of course, we hope the revision goes well!

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